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Retro Restaurant

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the 50s? Of course, it’s retro style! Next associations with retro are cars and bistros. Imagine a waitress with coffee wearing a blue uniform and a white apron. You can meet her in anything connected to those years: cinema, advertising, the catering industry, and so on. Sometimes you just want to go back in time and enjoy the strong smell of tobacco, powerful gasoline engines, and classic pancakes with jam.

An important role in creating the entourage of the 50s is played by the interior. Checkered black and white tiles and an abundance of chrome — that's what will take you back almost 70 years. Upholstered furniture, sofas, chairs on thin and elegant metal legs, and bar stools with a small back and a soft seat are believed to be integral parts of the ambiance. As you remember, the 50s of the 20th century were the heyday of modernity. In addition to the prevailing volume of metal and chrome in the frame, it is worth paying attention to the more restrained forms in the setting, the absence of motley luxury and chic. But the most recognizable element of the retro era is definitely a backlit jukebox. It is difficult to count all works of art and mass culture this device has been noticed in. The jukebox has become not only an inseparable part of themed restaurants but also a cultural phenomenon. It's hard to even imagine what role it is playing for modern music and gastronomic industries. After all, even one retro movie can't do without it.

Cola, hamburgers with French fries, and a large raspberry milkshake in a tall glass with a straw and whipped cream — the most important thing is food.

Maybe you would like to relax and enjoy a glass of cold beer today? The bar requires special attention. This is perfect a place for simple and non-stressful communication, dating, everyday affairs, sporting events.

It seems that now is the time to put on your jacket and hat, put a cigar in your mouth, get in your space chrome blue Shelby, and go to Le Flash Bistro Retro to try our excellent menu and have a great time drinking at the bar. You will immediately immerse into the retro atmosphere of the venue that was reconstructed down to the smallest detail. Portraits of famous actors and athletes decorate our walls, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are waiting for you. A jukebox with a backlight is included, offering famous hits by Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and other famous vocal jazz singers!

You can go back to the 1950s by playing slot machines at . It is a well-known fact that in those years the gambling industry had tremendous growth and widespread popularity. It was thanks to the retro gamblers that the image of a player with a wad of money in an expensive suit and hat with a cigarette in his hands or a cigar in his teeth and a glass of whiskey next to him was created.

Our partner Sol Casino has got almost 15 slots related to bars and restaurants. And not only the retro ones - you have an opportunity to try your luck in Disco bars, Neon clubs, or cowboy places with country music, as well as in cozy German taverns with rivers of beer, Bavarian sausages, and local service. This is a great opportunity to have some leisure time and gain real money in your favorite cafe entourage recreated thanks to great visuals, animation, and graphics. Obviously, the musical accompaniment plays a very important role, and that is why top developers have taken care of this too. Great soundtracks play in every title. Music of the German Alps, cute bakery sounds, country banjo tunes, or disco dance hall — this is what you need to get entertained and play with maximum comfort. Do not forget about large prizes and keep in mind that it is possible to win in different slot machines with from 10 up to 40 lines! Prepare some drinks and snacks to dive into the gambling world.


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